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Studiengebühren 3.000 € pro Semester
Bewerbungsgebühr 100 € einmalig
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The aim of the training is to educate sculptors who can carry out artistic sculpting activity
using their acquired plastic knowledge. Graduates are familiar with the means of
expression and the opportunities of sculpture, as well as its materials and techniques.
They are visual artists who possess the technical, professional, aesthetic and social
science knowledge based on modern and classical foundations. They are capable of
analyzing the general and individual social needs in their field. By possessing high-quality
knowledge, the skills for self-expression and by keeping up to date with national and
international trends in fine arts, graduates are able to express intellectual content in the
form of fine art. Graduates possess the required knowledge to move onto doctoral
(Doctor of Liberal Arts) training.

Jetzt bewerben! Studienjahr 2020/21
15.07.2020 23:59
Europe/Budapest time

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