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5 months / 400 lessons 3,750 EUR
10 months / 800 lessons 5,750 EUR

Application fee, Tuition fee, Registration fee and Course books fees are all included.

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1) The Milestone Stage

is designed for beginner language learners. If your Hungarian proficiency is below low-intermediate (B1) level, you need to substantially develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. Communicative and cooperative language classes assist you to attain intermediate (B1) level. Preparatory students having reached and applicants being already at intermediate level can continue their studies in the Upgrade Stage.

2) The Upgrade Stage

focuses on language development in a manner that resembles more the academic context awaiting you. 400 contact hours are spent with thematically focused language education and field-specific subject teaching assisting you to attain upper-intermediate (B2) level. Thus students improve their language skills while becoming knowledgeable in their future field of degree studies.

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