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Studiengebühren 5.000 € pro Jahr
Bewerbungsgebühr 140 € einmalig
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The Computer Science BSc program offers full 3-year-education in computer science and programming. The aim of the course is to train students who will be able to work in the IT sector as coders or software developers, or continue their studies at a master (MSc) level. Core subjects include Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Logics, System Design, Programming Methodology, Programming Languages, Software Technology, Computer Architecture, Operating System, Networking, Theory of Databases, etc. Having collected 90 credits from the core subjects, the student has a choice between an academic and an applied specialization. The academic specialization is more focused on applied and fundamental mathematical issues such as operations research, advanced theory of algorithms, etc., while the applied one is concerned with actual software development technologies. Both specializations offer flexibility in the choice of courses according to the students’ interest.

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